Have you ever tried sole (pronounced so-lay)? It's believed to offer several health benefits, and has been around in the wellness community for a long time.

  • ☑️improves digestion
  • ☑️assists in detox and balances pH in your body
  • ☑️balances blood sugar
  • ☑️improves bone health
  • ☑️boosts energy levels
  • ☑️improves skin
  • ☑️acts as an antihistamine that fights allergic reaction
  • ☑️relieves stress

Here's how it works: pour about half of the provided bag of Himalayan salt to the jar. Fill the jar with drinking water, and let it sit for at least 12 hours. Each morning, scoop out a teaspoon of the salt water and add to an 8 oz glass of water. Drink up. Refill the jar with water every few days or so. Once all the salt chunks are gone, just drop in some more.


👍We aren't medical professionals, so as with any health supplement, it's a good idea to check with your doctor and ensure there aren't any contraindications with medication or other health issues. We consulted with a trusted physician who said you might want to avoid using it if you have uncontrolled hypertension or congestive heart failure though... 'cause SALT. 😉

Sole Jar