Harvested from ancient sea salt deposits that lie deep beneath the Himalayas, our Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Pink Salt by SaltWorks® is one of the best mineral salts available. Protected from the ages by the breathtaking mountains in Pakistan, the crystalized sea salt that was once a prehistoric ocean is now a pure, mineral-rich salt that has garnered more than a cult following.


For bathing/skincare

The highest quality wholesale Himalayan Pink Bath Salt available, Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Salt is available in a wide range of grain sizes suitable for bath and spa application. From powder grain, ideal for face scrubs, to coarse grain, perfect for creating your own scented salt, our Himalayan salt is the most pristine, mineral-rich salt of its kind. Utilizing SaltWorks® proprietary quality processes, we ensure that our Ancient Ocean salt is safe & clean and ready for inclusion in bath products or therapeutic spa treatments.


For cooking/food

Treasured for its clean, upfront salt taste and its extraordinary color, all-natural Himalayan Pink Salt has become an important ingredient in kitchens worldwide. The varying shades of delicate pink to dark rose are the lasting result of trace minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. We ensure that SaltWorks® Himalayan Pink Salt is only of the highest quality, is completely organic compliant and is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. Available in an extensive selection of grain sizes, this versatile mineral salt is the attractive essential that your kitchen needs. Buy in bulk to replace your everyday table salt with delicious Himalayan Pink Salt.

Himalayan Salt - 1 lb

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