When the Salt Dome is lit, the rich minerals contained in Himalayan Salt is claimed to heal and detoxify feet or hands. Also used in Nail Salons to place hands on during Manicure. It serves well for people who experience pain or who have arthritis, it may help support blood circulation and reduce swelling. Not evaluated by the FDA.


The himalayan salt detoxer is a smaller version of one of our best sellers. It provides both aesthetic and therapeutic benefits, in order to invigorate and detoxify tired hands and feet. This beautifully rounded dome is made of 100% himalayan crystal salt, rests on a rosewood base and comes complete with a dimmer switch in a full color box with user instructions.

Exact appearance varies, as no two lamps are alike. If you would like to select your lamp, please visit the center to do so, otherwise one will be chosen at random.

Made in Pakistan

Foot Warmer Salt Domes - 7 in

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